Episode 39

Show Notes:

Sheree Trask bravely shares a story of past trauma and how it became a catalyst for her healing, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. This powerful woman is an inspiration, bringing truth and positivity to others, and encouraging women to step into their own power. 

"If we are to remain awake, we must close our eyes to fear and open ourselves up to possibility. Consciousness comes when we detach from our own closed minded perceptions and embrace each experience with compassion and love." - Sheree Trask

Sheree Trask is a Content Creator, seasoned ghostwriter and the Founder & Host of the unfiltered podcast, Soulfcked. As a woman with many interests, she’s also Certified as a Yoga Instructor and Holistic Health Coach, and carries a fierce determination to create space for everyone to be truly seen and heard, as they are. She’s spent 14 years studying the mind-body connection and empowering women to feel safe in their body’s.

With a knack for words, a passion for empowering others to take ownership of their life and a fierce conviction to growth and exploration, Sheree is on a mission to help transform the hearts and minds of humanity so that together, we can raise the collective consciousness of our world and truly be free to live unapologetically out loud.

She is currently writing her first book.