Episode 52

Show Notes:

  • Miguel Chen: Bassist for Teenage Bottlerocket 
  • Author of the book: I Wanna Be Well: How a Punk Found Peace and You Can Too
  • All Miguel Chen ever wanted was to be happy. Just like everyone else.

    But—also like everyone else—he’s suffered. A lot. Running from difficult personal losses—like the deaths of loved ones—was something he did for years, and it got the best of him. Eventually, though, he stopped running and started walking a spiritual path. That might be surprising for a dude in a relentlessly touring punk band (Teenage Bottlerocket), but Miguel quickly found that meditation, mindfulness, and yoga really helped. They allowed him to turn inward, to connect to himself and the world around him. Suddenly, he had found actual happiness.

    Miguel’s realistic. He knows it'll never be all sunshine and peaches. And yet, he is (for the most part) at peace with the world and with himself. It shocks even him sometimes. But he’s come to see the interconnectedness of all things, the beauty of life…even the parts that suck.

    Miguel Chen shares stories, meditations, and practices that can help us reconnect to each other, ourselves, and the world. They’ve worked for him—they can work for anyone.

Episode 49

Show Notes:

  • Lisa & Lauren are a married couple from Sweden and Southern California, respectively. They own a video a production company called The Beatnik Group. In 2015, they started This Colorful World as a passion project to collect and share their own memories and travels to look back on. Their positive outlook and way of life coupled with the high quality of their videos started gaining a loyal following of over 22,000 international folks,  within the LGBTQ+ community. This Colorful World has since been inspiring others to live a kind, conscious and authentic lifestyle through music, conversation, and travel.
  • Find them on social media: @thiscolorfulworld
  • You Tube Channel: This Colorful World
  •  Visit their website and be sure to sign up for the "Friend Letter"!



Episode 48

Show Notes:

  • Mike Patti, owner & operator of The Pier Magazine at ThePier.org. Prior to joining The Pier in 2008, Mike ran a Surf-Skate-Music clothing line called Sense Boardwear. Through Sense Boardwear he released 6 Reggae-Rock Compilation Albums between 2002-2010 that featured new & unreleased music. Today he continues to run The Pier as they’re getting ready to launch a brand new website, mobile platform and storefront. 
  • Check out the online magazine for all news, history, interviews, and upcoming events from your favorite bands in the genre