Blog Angels in Love


I find Angels in the Clouds of my mind.

They float by with a smile and a feeling of peace to remind me that all is well.
They give me words to listen to and I write them down with an improved mood.
Simple yet powerful words delivered by wings of those who know my truth and cheer for my improvement of learning Love on more levels day by day.

Fear will not improve anything in your life.

And if each day is a chance to improve your life,

then fear must be left out of that day

Therefore, it's easy to see what needs to be done

Release fear


Believe love


Love your improvement

love The Ways to improve

love your opportunity to improve

Whatsoever it is you wish to improve on.

Feel your improvement as if it couldn't be stopped

Feel you are everything you want now

Focusing on your improvement while Fearing Nothing.


Use your inner guidance... Your instinct... Your desire of improvement.

Replace the you...You no longer want to see.


Forget your troubles in small amounts of time.

Then let those moments get longer.

Until there is no time passing that you are not in love with life.

Until there is no room for fear because your attention is in the improvement of you.

Love you

All of you

All you have Done

All you will do