Spell Botanicals


Hey, it’s Melanie here, and I want to share the history of Spell Botanicals with you. Some of you may not know that herbalism is one of my life’s passions. Our home is basically an apothecary of herbs, flowers, tinctures, oils, and potions of all sorts. I attended the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy for Holistic Nutrition and Clinical Master Herbalism, and was so inspired by the incredible healing properties of these beautiful plants we share the earth with, that I dove deeper into the magical side of things.

In addition to the clinical aspects of herbs, I began to study plants in more of a green-witch sort of way. How they are affected by the cycles of the moon, just like us. How they play well with some and not as well with others, just like us. How they are more likely to be at their best and offer healing help when treated with respect and gratitude, Just. Like. Us.

My passion for herbalism, magic, and all things green-witch, led me to create Spell Botanicals. Each product I create is specifically formulated to showcase the healing qualities of each plant, and each ingredient is sustainably sourced, organic, and of the highest quality. I create each batch with the cycles of the moon to ensure the highest potency and consistency, and to honor each ingredient as the queen that she is.

I have just updated my Spell Botanicals website with a couple of new products that we just love. In fact, Kaleo is taking a bath tonight with the Love bath spell. Inspiration has been visiting me in this realm abundantly lately, so please keep posted for new products coming to the line soon.

With Love,