Go Romance Yourself

My “office” view this morning.

My “office” view this morning.

Hello from Oahu! My birthplace, and where I spent most of my high school and young adult years… I was raised back and forth between Kona and Oahu, and I am so very grateful to call these two lovely places home.

Today is an unusual day for me in Hawaii. I have time to myself to be alone. Let me back up a bit…

When Kaleo and I come home to Hawaii, no matter which island, we have a long list of amazing friends and family that we are dying to see, food we are craving and places want to eat at, work obligations like radio interviews, shows, etc., and well, the list goes on. NO complaints here, just non stop amazing action! One thing that we don’t get much of is alone time. We justify it by saying, “we can have alone time back in California! Let’s do this!”. And we still feel that way, to a point. But this morning was really special, and will from now on be something we implement into each trip back home.

This morning we woke up with the sun. Kaleo went to meditate while I stayed in bed a little longer so I wouldn’t be a distraction. Then he quietly went downstairs to swim by himself in the ocean. It was my time to meditate with him being gone, facing the ocean as the morning breeze came through the sliding doors. When he returned, I kissed him goodbye as he left for his first round of radio interviews and I made my way down to swim, alone. This was all before 8:30am.

Our time by ourselves, with the islands that are a part of us, is so special. It feels as though we being welcomed back home by the place that made us who we are. Even though Kaleo and I crave each other’s energy, and love to be together as much as humanly possible, our time alone with ourselves is a huge part of what makes us, US.

So this morning, I felt like I was romancing myself, taking the time to enjoy an act of self love by being alone in nature. Many of us have extremely busy lives with work, travel, families, whatever it is that fills your day. But if you can take just 15 minutes for yourself to do what fills your cup, you will be more fulfilled, more inspired, more YOU, and ready to greet your busy day ahead.

How do you define self care? What do you do when you have time to yourself? Share with us!