Blissful Bowl with Herbed Buckwheat, Avocado and Ginger Slaw

Today is day 3 of my cleanse (and Kaleo’s fast) which this time is consisting of: no dairy, breads (even gluten free), corn, most grains, booze, etc.

What it DOES include is mostly lots of nutritious veggies, fermented foods, some well sourced seafood, a few eggs, nuts, and for a treat, some yummy organic high quality dark chocolate and some homemade cold brew coffee and delicious herbal teas. So as you can see, it’s not a very strict cleanse. It’s completely doable and is just a basic reset to what I’ve been enjoying a lot of lately, which is basically whatever I want. :o)

So while Kaleo enjoys his delicious water fast (heehee), I am enjoying small portions of nutritious yummy, homemade food. I am also intermittent fasting, which works well for me, rather than a week long fast at this point.

Today I was craving something a bit more substantial than I have been eating, so I created this yummy bowl of bliss. Buckwheat is not actually wheat, so it is gluten free. However, it is a pseudo grain, so if you are grain free, make sure you use discretion. It is “allowed” on paleo diets, but always in moderation. It’s great for curbing cravings of grains.

I don’t measure when I create, so use this recipe as a guide, and use your creativity and intuition to make it your own!


Herbed Buckwheat Ingredients:

  • 1 Cup organic Buckwheat

  • 2 cups water

  • Sea salt and cracked pepper to taste

  • Squeeze of lemon

  • Any desired fresh herbs chopped fine: mint, cilantro, basil, etc. I used basil and mint, which is what I had on hand


Bring the water to a boil and add the rinsed buckwheat. Lower the heat, cover, and simmer for 20 minutes. fluff. Take out a scoop of buckwheat (use the rest for another meal, or make for a friend) and add to a bowl. Mix in all above ingredients to taste and set aside.


Ginger Slaw Ingredients:

  • Shredded carrot (handful)

  • Finely chopped cabbage and kale

    • HINT: I go to the salad bar section of my health food market and grab a scoopful of each of the three above. Easy and less expensive!

  • CAP full (not a cup full) of Apple cider vinegar

  • Either fresh grated ginger, OR a capful of ginger juice (found near the nori in the health food market)

  • Tiny bit of toasted sesame oil or avocado oil

  • Splash of Tamari or Bragg’s aminos

  • Cracked pepper


Mix carrots, kale, and cabbage (and ginger if using grated) together in a bowl with all wet ingredients to taste. Add pepper


  • Half of an avocado, cubed

  • 2 inches of sliced cucumber

  • Half a sheet of Nori, sliced

  • (optional) Organic fermented food like Kim Chee made with no sugar

  • Sesame seeds

  • Lemon squeeze and/or a splash of Tamari or Bragg’s for a little more flavor if desired.

  • For some spice, add some chili flakes or chili pepper water.


Assemble the bowl by laying everything side by side for a nice aesthetic. Top with sesame seeds and enjoy with a pair of chopsticks to ensure a leisurely, slow meal. Savor each bite and honor the nourishment you are giving your amazing body. Eat with love.

Non Vegan Option:

If you do want a bit of meat protein, add half a can of line caught, plain albacore tuna on top (quicker meal) or slice some seared well sourced fish on top.