I'm working from a cute little cafe in Coronado today, and from my vantage point I've been casually noticing two tables near me. By casually, I mean that I am intrigued, but trying not to let them notice my interest in order to preserve their 'privacy'. In Hawai'i we would call this ni'ele, or nosy... True. But in my defense, these are two completely different experiences and I am all about the complexity of the human experience. 
This first table is a man and a woman, maybe 50's, definitely a couple, that have been very curt with the waiter. One word answers, no eye contact (in fact, some eye-rolling), rude, and not satisfied with anything thus far.
The second table is another couple, possibly a bit older. They have been kind, attentive, gracious, and actually sweet, with the same waiter. 
The difference in energy coming from each table is obvious, not just to an empath like myself, but to others around me as well.
I see the looks from other patrons. 
Now, the first table could very well be going through something very challenging that would make them treat the waiter like they are.
But... so could the second couple. 

What does this have to do with anything? 

Kindness is ALWAYS appropriate. 

If we, as beings on this planet, have the opportunity to lighten someone's day by being kind, why wouldn't we? Elevating another person doesn't take anything away from us.
Rather, it actually elevates us as we do so! 

Of course, it is a choice. 

I very recently was 'crashing' after a morning of drinking some coffee with no food, taking my morning supplements, hopping a train with the Muse down to Encinitas, and then waiting (and waiting) for an Uber to take us to a restaurant. Our driver could not find us and I almost had a breakdown. (Yes you can laugh now...) Kaleo had to have me breathe with him... ha. Poor guy. I'm like a gremlin. Feed me, no water, ok water, don't feed me now, I will turn into a monster. Geez. 
Kaleo could feel my frustration, and when we finally got in the car, he was his usual amazingly friendly, KIND self to the driver. I was... silent. Hungry. Irritated. Come to find out, the driver wasn't from anywhere near the area so of course he had a hard time finding us. He was really nice.  And I felt bad, you guys. Like, really bad. I didn't choose kindness. 

Lesson learned. 

Kindness costs us nothing, but gives everything. 

With Loving kindness,