Soul Mission

The Universe is constantly providing us with messages and opportunities to know if we are on the right path. Whether that means in a relationship, in a career or job, or just literally, on the right path when going somewhere. It knows that we have a Soul Mission even before we do, and guides us gently (and... sometimes not so gently) in that direction. We just need to tune in and become aware of the signs, the signals, and listen to our intuition.

                                 We will be guided if we allow it.

Sometimes those signs can come in the form of numbers. Kaleo and I are big on numerology and angel numbers. Of course, we each make a wish on 11:11 no matter what time zone one of us is in, but it's also fun to tune in to what other numbers are consistent and reoccurring in life. 

Kaleo: I have always been followed by the number 4. Throughout my life it has been everywhere with me, on my travels, reminding me that I'm in the right place at the right time. And when I see it, or when it is shown to me, a feeling of love and protection resonates throughout my being. I know that it may seem a little out there to some, but I think everyone could use something like this in their life. It could be a number, a word, a symbol. Whatever it may be, it should be able to help you remember that there is a whole universe on your side cheering you on everywhere you go reminding you of the amazing blessing of being alive. 

Melanie: My number has always been 24. I don't have any profound reason for it. Simply, I've always just liked it. Though interestingly enough, two of my closest soul loves have the number 4 as their number. So perhaps even before I knew them in this lifetime, I knew there would be 2 4's, or... '24'. I mean... Mind. Blown. :o)

So since today is 4/24, we've decided to make it the first Rebel & Muse Day! We've looked up what the significance behind 424 is, and this is what we found: 

Angel Number 424 is a message that the angels are helping to keep your faith and resolve strong and your thoughts positive and optimistic. You have a lot of work to do and your angels encourage you to put your efforts towards serving your Soul Mission. Give any fears and/or anxieties to the angels for healing and ask for guidance whenever you feel the need. Know that your angels encourage your success and happiness and support you along your path. 

Angel Number 424 brings a message to consider all of your options and weigh up what is truly important to you, and what is not. Do not waste your time and efforts on activities or people that do not support you or bring you joy, but rather, choose to spend your time doing things and spending your time and efforts on things (and people) that suit your true self and that resonate with you on an inner-level.

Angel Number 424 may also be implying that if you are considering beginning or expanding a spiritually-based career or practice, or service-based venture or project, you may need to put in some hard work and dedication, but you will find long-term rewards and benefits for yourself and for those whom you serve. Trust your intuition and you will know which path to take. 

WOW. Truly an amazing explanation of what today is offering us! Let today, 4/24, be a day of thinking positively, working hard toward our goals, and spending time on what brings us joy and resonates with us on our Soul Mission.