Maintaining consistency

The Inconsistency of my environment when touring or playing festivals keeps me looking for opportunities and locations to practice that which IS consistent in my everyday life. 

My routine at home is something I always take with me. However, the changing landscape on the road at times calls for some creative solutions.. 

Yoga in the back of a semi trailer at a festival, 
Using the scaffolding of a giant stage to hang the TRX, 
Meditating in the back lounge of a bus before anyone wakes up. 
Wym Hof breath exercises in the green room before show.
Reikiing myself (and the airplane) when taking off.
(I learned that from Mel) 

I love the ever changing landscape. 
I embrace it, and it gets me excited.
I don't know HOW it will happen, I just know it WILL happen.

If I want it to. 

And if I don't see a way or a place
or I can't figure out where to do my thing, 
then I take the day off and recover... 
and get excited about the next opportunity tomorrow gives me.
While enjoying the present moment to relax.

But sometimes, like today... 21 stories above Curitiba...  the universe makes it really easy for me.


Mel's note: WOW. I have to admit I'm a little jealous at this gorgeous spot he found to do yoga in their hotel. I'm thinking maybe a yoga retreat there someday..?? Anyone??