Finding Balance

Hello Rebels!
Kaleo and I just posted our new workshop: Yoga To Go up on the Yoga Oceanside website. Having a consistent yoga practice is a huge part of our life, and we like to take our practice with us wherever we travel.

As I type this, Kaleo is doing his practice in a hotel room in Sao Paulo, Brasil, overlooking the city. He Face-timed me this morning to show me his view, and it is amazing... (see above photo)
But realistically, we don't always end up doing yoga in a beautiful hotel room with wood floors and a view of the city. Haha, nope. 

Once, I was stuck in a dirty hotel that an airline put me up in, in a random city because my connecting flight was cancelled. The carpet was some kind of shag (?), and questionable to say the least. It smelled like stale cigarette smoke from the 90's, and had a super creepy vibe. When I was checking in, even the flight attendants that were put up there were considering leaving, but it was already midnight. Put it this way, I slept on towels laid out over the bed sheets. All I wanted to do was order room service (no room service, duh), get a big ass bottle of wine (no stores around), and watch a movie (no movies. maybe 5 channels?) And besides, there was no way I was touching the remote without putting a shower cap on it.
That's a trick I learned from a flight attendant friend...

So I pulled up my big girl pants and did some yoga. Of course I didn't want my mat touching the carpet so I laid out yet another towel and put my mat over it. I had to call downstairs for more towels and they said that housekeeping was closed so I had to go down and get them. Okay, I sound like a huge germaphobe, but I'm really not, at all. It was just that shady. 

So I got into my zone. I only did a few sun salutations and some simple poses. But it felt amazing. It changed my whole perspective from, "Poor me, flight was cancelled, no wine, dirty room, blah, blah.." to complete gratitude and peace. I slept like a baby on those towels, let me tell you. :o)

The important thing here is to find some consistency while traveling. It can even just be a few minutes out of your day, and those few minutes will offer a significant shift in energy. 

Our workshop will be held on May 20th, and will incorporate ways to bring in movement, meditation, and routine to your travels. We will go through two sequences, one relaxing and one energizing, and give you tips on finding balance while on the road! 

Hope to see you there! 
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