"What you seek is seeking you." ~Rumi

Today in yoga class I brought up the concept of how our brains are wired to look for the negative. How we are actually designed to look for potential danger, so we can be ready for flight or flight. We can thank our prehistoric ancestors for this phenomenon, where this was absolutely necessary for our survival. But today, though at times it is certainly helpful, the "looking for the negative" doesn't always serve us so well. 

The good news is, studies show that we can reverse this habit and eventually re-wire our brain by consciously seeking out the positive. Within each moment we have a choice: make a judgment, which usually stems from fear or find the positive, which comes from love. 

When we look to the positive, we are opening ourselves up to live in love. When we judge ourselves and others, we are choosing fear. 

When we decide to be mindful of our thoughts and what we are creating, we invite an awareness into our daily lives. That awareness brings wisdom. I've had days where I felt like no matter what I did, nothing was going my way. I felt like one thing after another was coming at me. "What else could possibly go wrong today??" Oh just wait...

What you focus on grows.
What are you co-creating with the Universe?

When we are focused on what is wrong, guess what? The Universe thinks that is what we want more of, and voila! But the great news is, when we focus on what we DO want, and what we are grateful for, THAT is what we will receive more of.  Shifting our thoughts from judgement, negativity, and lack... to gratitude, positivity and love... will not only uplift our spirit and our mood, but will also attract more of the same. 

The next time you find yourself reacting out of fear, or making an unnecessary judgement. Pause and reflect on whether it is serving you and the greater good. If not, take a moment to shift your energy by 'finding the good'. Kindness to ourselves and others not only feels amazing, but it can help to re-wire our conditioned responses making it easier for us to live in a more consistent state of love. Sounds like a nice place to be. 

With Love,