Love Yourself. Now.


I had a great conversation with some friends the other day about letting go of past guilt, self identifications that may not be true any longer, and other people's judgements that you may hold like a ton of bricks. The topic of conversation was: I know I'm on the right path now, but man, I've done a lot of stuff in my past that wasn't very "yogic" or even conscious. How do I let go of that guilt? 
We may also hold on to identifications and judgments from our past as though as they are true. Maybe you were called names in high school. Maybe you felt like you were bad at something, or didn't measure up in some way. Or made choices that you wouldn't necessarily make as the person you are now...

The Wisdom is in the Awareness

If we keep making those choices and keep identifying with that past, then we may not be able to step out of that karmic cycle, and we are destined to repeat the lessons that come along with it. But having the AWARENESS that everything you have ever done and every choice you've ever made has brought you to this very moment in your life, can bring you the wisdom to define and create your future. You can learn from the past and change the future by what you do in the present. 

Honor the You then AND the You now. 

When you can appreciate that your past is important only in the sense that it has molded the you today, then you can let go of the weight that it may hold in your life and fully live in the Now, being present in every moment. This opens us up to the abundance of the Universe, instead of holding us to the restrains of the past. Honor your past for creating the present you, and let it go. Be in the Now. 


"As the mind, so the Man (or woman).
Bondage or liberation are in your own mind."

If you feel free, you are free, if you feel bound, you are bound. 
(Yoga Sutras of Patanjali)

Love who you are right now, for everything you've ever done has brought you to this very moment.

With so much love,



I've always been a sensitive person. As a child, I was called a crybaby, too sensitive, too fragile for this world, by teachers and some of my friend's parents. Other kids' energy would make me cry, without them even saying a word. Seeing a bird get picked on by another, bigger bird would ruin my whole day. Even Kaleo, back before we were married would say to me, "Babe you have to try and be stronger. Don't let the world get to you so deeply.". I always knew I was a little different, that I felt just a little
too much

What I didn't know, was that this is completely normal. I am an Empath. 

Huh, okay. So there is a word for it. There are others like me, and I don't have to feel like such a weirdo... But what does it even mean? A few traits that Empaths share are:

  • Being overwhelmed in public places: I used to struggle deeply just being in crowds. I would hold on to Kaleo's hand, put my head down with my heart pounding, and pretend that I was having fun. It wasn't until years later that I was able to explain to him how much I was affected by all the energy around me. I was literally, taking it all in as my own. 
  • Knowing: Empaths just know things. I don't know how else to explain it, but the more attuned the person, the more they just know. 
  • They take on other people feelings and energy as their own: It's different than being sympathetic, where you feel sorry for someone. Empaths will actually feel the emotion like it was their very own. This is a big one. It can be very heavy at times. I have even felt nauseous and physically sick when I wasn't aware of how to protect myself from someone who was experiencing a lot of grief.
  • Fatigue: It is extremely draining feeling all of the feelings for everyone, all the time. 
  • Digestive issues and weight gain around the abdomen: The solar plexus chakra is based in the centre of the abdomen and it’s often known as the seat of emotions. This is where Empaths feel the incoming emotion of another, which can weaken the digestive system and actually cause weight gain. It has been said that the empath, on a deeper level, may gain a bit of weight there as a layer of protection from negative energies. Great, thanks. 
  • Needs solitude: an Empath craves alone time, away from other's energy. Time for them to recharge and not feel anything else from the outside world. 

Of course, there are some good qualities too! Empaths are very good listeners, free spirits who love adventure and travel, love animals and nature, and are usually very creative beings. 

When I found out that I wasn't alone, I was relieved. I wasn't just this strange creature who couldn't explain anything any more. I felt like, okay, there are things I can do to be able to live like this. It's really no big deal. I found out that I had friends who were also Empaths. No WONDER all we do when we get together is cry! lol
Once I did my research and realized what it was, it took all the power away from it. I found out how to protect myself from energy, and how to decipher and process feelings that weren't my own. That was a big one. Oh, you mean I don't have to be sad right now because it's not my own emotion?? Awesome! 
When I became a Reiki Master, I came to understand energy even more. I learned how to visualize a shield of protective energy around me so that I wouldn't be susceptible to taking anything on. I now use this shield when I go into crowds, and it has changed my world. Kaleo even sometimes has to remind me before we head into a crowded concert or event to do my protection barrier because I don't get the old anxiety I used to get, and I forget. It has lost its power. Not to say that I'm not as sensitive, but I just don't worry about it anymore. 

Besides sheilding, as an Empath it's important to trust yourself. Trust that your emotions are valid and important. But also know which emotions are YOURS and which are from others. Once you can make that determination, it's easier to let go of what isn't yours. 

Kaleo and I are finishing up the last season of Vikings, and when I first saw Lagertha, the shield maiden yell "Sheild Wall!" in battle, we laughed our asses off. "Babe, that's it! That's what I'm going to visualize the next time you take me to the Carlsbad Fair!"

I've become One with who I am, and with that,
I feel empowered instead of burdened. 


R&M Playlists on spotify

So, our dear friend Mark Ley of Kley Creative (@markkley) just introduced us to the wonderful world of scannable codes. #gamechanger
Basically, you just go to the little camera next to the search bar in your Spotify app and point it to a code like the one above. And bam! Spotify opens and you are listening to the playlist.
We have added a new page on the site called Playlists, and will be adding some of our Yoga playlists as well as other fun collections of music to kick off the summer right. If you want a more technical explanation of how this stuff works, click here for an article

this saturday with m+k

Join us Saturday, May 20th at Yoga Oceanside for an informative workshop geared towards taking your yoga practice with you, whenever you find yourself away from the comforts of your home studio. Kaleo and I have had many years of traveling and touring, and let's face it guys, the conditions are not always optimal. It's rare that we find a completely relaxing, beautifully sacred place to do our practices of yoga asana and meditation... But we have found the beauty in creating our own personal sanctuaries on the road!

In this workshop, you will learn two simple yet effective sequences (for all levels) that you can do anywhere to prepare you for your day or to relax you into a good night's sleep. You will learn the benefits of a yoga practice to ease the physical and emotional stresses of travel. We will also share the little necessities that we love to bring with us to set the mood for practice, and some helpful tips to find makeshift props wherever you are. 

Sign up now to receive the early registration price of $30 ($40 day of).
Open to all levels, even those new to Yoga! 


Love Yin yoga?

Are you Yoga teacher wanting to teach Yin Yoga, or a Yoga practitioner who wants to dive deeper into the Yin practice? Join me in July for a comprehensive Yin Yoga Intensive & Teacher Training. Saturday and Sunday are open to everyone, and Monday will be a continuation for Yoga Teachers to learn how to teach Yin Yoga with a focus on sequencing and building class themes. This training qualifies for CEU's and 300 hr advanced teacher training through True Nature School of Yoga. Email ( for more info, or sign up here


Yoga + the creative heart

The 2nd Annual Yoga and the Creative Heart Retreat in San Luis Obispo is on the books for October 6-8, 2017. The photo above is from the 2016 retreat and shows the Saturday night jam session led by Kaleo, which ultimately turned into a rock n roll dance party (with wine) until the wee hours... 

This was such a beautiful group of people who shared their hearts and bared their souls with each other. It's so inspiring to see the transformation that happens from day one to the moment we said goodbye. There were connections made, friendships formed, tears shed, so much laughter, and heaps of love. We are so grateful to have shared space with such amazing beings. 

This year we are heading back to the lovely Sagrada Wellness Center:

Join Melanie and Kaleo on a weekend getaway free from distractions and filled with inspiration! Yoga helps us to remember our true selves and writing gives us a container to express it.
Daily yoga classes for all levels; Creative writing and journaling workshops; Delicious vegetarian meals paired with local wine;
Musical jam session – no experience necessary.
Free time for hiking, writing, exploring, or relaxing by the pool.

We have a few repeat retreaters coming back this year, and space is limited to 10-12 guests to keep it intimate. Email us at for more info or to reserve your spot. 


Soul Mission

The Universe is constantly providing us with messages and opportunities to know if we are on the right path. Whether that means in a relationship, in a career or job, or just literally, on the right path when going somewhere. It knows that we have a Soul Mission even before we do, and guides us gently (and... sometimes not so gently) in that direction. We just need to tune in and become aware of the signs, the signals, and listen to our intuition.

                                 We will be guided if we allow it.

Sometimes those signs can come in the form of numbers. Kaleo and I are big on numerology and angel numbers. Of course, we each make a wish on 11:11 no matter what time zone one of us is in, but it's also fun to tune in to what other numbers are consistent and reoccurring in life. 

Kaleo: I have always been followed by the number 4. Throughout my life it has been everywhere with me, on my travels, reminding me that I'm in the right place at the right time. And when I see it, or when it is shown to me, a feeling of love and protection resonates throughout my being. I know that it may seem a little out there to some, but I think everyone could use something like this in their life. It could be a number, a word, a symbol. Whatever it may be, it should be able to help you remember that there is a whole universe on your side cheering you on everywhere you go reminding you of the amazing blessing of being alive. 

Melanie: My number has always been 24. I don't have any profound reason for it. Simply, I've always just liked it. Though interestingly enough, two of my closest soul loves have the number 4 as their number. So perhaps even before I knew them in this lifetime, I knew there would be 2 4's, or... '24'. I mean... Mind. Blown. :o)

So since today is 4/24, we've decided to make it the first Rebel & Muse Day! We've looked up what the significance behind 424 is, and this is what we found: 

Angel Number 424 is a message that the angels are helping to keep your faith and resolve strong and your thoughts positive and optimistic. You have a lot of work to do and your angels encourage you to put your efforts towards serving your Soul Mission. Give any fears and/or anxieties to the angels for healing and ask for guidance whenever you feel the need. Know that your angels encourage your success and happiness and support you along your path. 

Angel Number 424 brings a message to consider all of your options and weigh up what is truly important to you, and what is not. Do not waste your time and efforts on activities or people that do not support you or bring you joy, but rather, choose to spend your time doing things and spending your time and efforts on things (and people) that suit your true self and that resonate with you on an inner-level.

Angel Number 424 may also be implying that if you are considering beginning or expanding a spiritually-based career or practice, or service-based venture or project, you may need to put in some hard work and dedication, but you will find long-term rewards and benefits for yourself and for those whom you serve. Trust your intuition and you will know which path to take. 

WOW. Truly an amazing explanation of what today is offering us! Let today, 4/24, be a day of thinking positively, working hard toward our goals, and spending time on what brings us joy and resonates with us on our Soul Mission.