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Hey, it’s Melanie here, and I want to share the history of Spell Botanicals with you. Some of you may not know that herbalism is one of my life’s passions. Our home is basically an apothecary of herbs, flowers, tinctures, oils, and potions of all sorts. I attended the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy for Holistic Nutrition and Clinical Master Herbalism, and was so inspired by the incredible healing properties of these beautiful plants we share the earth with, that I dove deeper into the magical side of things.

In addition to the clinical aspects of herbs, I began to study plants in more of a green-witch sort of way. How they are affected by the cycles of the moon, just like us. How they play well with some and not as well with others, just like us. How they are more likely to be at their best and offer healing help when treated with respect and gratitude, Just. Like. Us.

My passion for herbalism, magic, and all things green-witch, led me to create Spell Botanicals. Each product I create is specifically formulated to showcase the healing qualities of each plant, and each ingredient is sustainably sourced, organic, and of the highest quality. I create each batch with the cycles of the moon to ensure the highest potency and consistency, and to honor each ingredient as the queen that she is.

I have just updated my Spell Botanicals website with a couple of new products that we just love. In fact, Kaleo is taking a bath tonight with the Love bath spell. Inspiration has been visiting me in this realm abundantly lately, so please keep posted for new products coming to the line soon.

With Love,

Go Romance Yourself

My “office” view this morning.

My “office” view this morning.

Hello from Oahu! My birthplace, and where I spent most of my high school and young adult years… I was raised back and forth between Kona and Oahu, and I am so very grateful to call these two lovely places home.

Today is an unusual day for me in Hawaii. I have time to myself to be alone. Let me back up a bit…

When Kaleo and I come home to Hawaii, no matter which island, we have a long list of amazing friends and family that we are dying to see, food we are craving and places want to eat at, work obligations like radio interviews, shows, etc., and well, the list goes on. NO complaints here, just non stop amazing action! One thing that we don’t get much of is alone time. We justify it by saying, “we can have alone time back in California! Let’s do this!”. And we still feel that way, to a point. But this morning was really special, and will from now on be something we implement into each trip back home.

This morning we woke up with the sun. Kaleo went to meditate while I stayed in bed a little longer so I wouldn’t be a distraction. Then he quietly went downstairs to swim by himself in the ocean. It was my time to meditate with him being gone, facing the ocean as the morning breeze came through the sliding doors. When he returned, I kissed him goodbye as he left for his first round of radio interviews and I made my way down to swim, alone. This was all before 8:30am.

Our time by ourselves, with the islands that are a part of us, is so special. It feels as though we being welcomed back home by the place that made us who we are. Even though Kaleo and I crave each other’s energy, and love to be together as much as humanly possible, our time alone with ourselves is a huge part of what makes us, US.

So this morning, I felt like I was romancing myself, taking the time to enjoy an act of self love by being alone in nature. Many of us have extremely busy lives with work, travel, families, whatever it is that fills your day. But if you can take just 15 minutes for yourself to do what fills your cup, you will be more fulfilled, more inspired, more YOU, and ready to greet your busy day ahead.

How do you define self care? What do you do when you have time to yourself? Share with us!



Thanksgiving Dinner

Today’s Menu

Today’s Menu

Happy Gratitude Day! We do not celebrate the historical reason of today’s holiday. However, we do love to take a pause and count the reasons why we are grateful. It’s a lovely time to really sit with thanks… for self, for loved ones, for community, for each and everything you are grateful for.

Today we are having a couple of friends over to share a meal and some great conversation. Kaleo is coming off of a 7 day fast, and I am taking a pause on my cleanse. Taking this into consideration, we wanted to make today’s feast a healthy one.

The salmon is wild caught, Alaskan Sockeye, and the meat thing (I don’t even know what a brisket is) is grass fed, grass finished from a local small farm (Sonrise Ranch). We are very heavy on the veggie options, as the biggest part of our meal. We are making mashed cauliflower and parsnips instead of potatoes but we do have a few roasted baby yukon gold, as they are lower glycemic. Only coconut milk will be used, and EV Olive Oil, maybe a little grass fed butter like Kerrygold.

For dessert, I made a raw vegan pumpkin pie, which is Kaleo’s favorite! The crust is raw pecans, almonds, coconut flakes and medjool dates blended to a thick dough and smashed into a pie dish to form a crust. Place in the freezer to set.

The filling is made of Pumpkin puree, coconut milk, pumpkin pie spice and vanilla. Blend well, chill in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Then pour into the crust and freeze for a couple of hours more.

Take out of the freezer about 30 minutes before serving. SO good!

Wishing you all an amazing day filled with love and gratitude.

With love,

Melanie & Kaleo

Blissful Bowl with Herbed Buckwheat, Avocado and Ginger Slaw

Today is day 3 of my cleanse (and Kaleo’s fast) which this time is consisting of: no dairy, breads (even gluten free), corn, most grains, booze, etc.

What it DOES include is mostly lots of nutritious veggies, fermented foods, some well sourced seafood, a few eggs, nuts, and for a treat, some yummy organic high quality dark chocolate and some homemade cold brew coffee and delicious herbal teas. So as you can see, it’s not a very strict cleanse. It’s completely doable and is just a basic reset to what I’ve been enjoying a lot of lately, which is basically whatever I want. :o)

So while Kaleo enjoys his delicious water fast (heehee), I am enjoying small portions of nutritious yummy, homemade food. I am also intermittent fasting, which works well for me, rather than a week long fast at this point.

Today I was craving something a bit more substantial than I have been eating, so I created this yummy bowl of bliss. Buckwheat is not actually wheat, so it is gluten free. However, it is a pseudo grain, so if you are grain free, make sure you use discretion. It is “allowed” on paleo diets, but always in moderation. It’s great for curbing cravings of grains.

I don’t measure when I create, so use this recipe as a guide, and use your creativity and intuition to make it your own!


Herbed Buckwheat Ingredients:

  • 1 Cup organic Buckwheat

  • 2 cups water

  • Sea salt and cracked pepper to taste

  • Squeeze of lemon

  • Any desired fresh herbs chopped fine: mint, cilantro, basil, etc. I used basil and mint, which is what I had on hand


Bring the water to a boil and add the rinsed buckwheat. Lower the heat, cover, and simmer for 20 minutes. fluff. Take out a scoop of buckwheat (use the rest for another meal, or make for a friend) and add to a bowl. Mix in all above ingredients to taste and set aside.


Ginger Slaw Ingredients:

  • Shredded carrot (handful)

  • Finely chopped cabbage and kale

    • HINT: I go to the salad bar section of my health food market and grab a scoopful of each of the three above. Easy and less expensive!

  • CAP full (not a cup full) of Apple cider vinegar

  • Either fresh grated ginger, OR a capful of ginger juice (found near the nori in the health food market)

  • Tiny bit of toasted sesame oil or avocado oil

  • Splash of Tamari or Bragg’s aminos

  • Cracked pepper


Mix carrots, kale, and cabbage (and ginger if using grated) together in a bowl with all wet ingredients to taste. Add pepper


  • Half of an avocado, cubed

  • 2 inches of sliced cucumber

  • Half a sheet of Nori, sliced

  • (optional) Organic fermented food like Kim Chee made with no sugar

  • Sesame seeds

  • Lemon squeeze and/or a splash of Tamari or Bragg’s for a little more flavor if desired.

  • For some spice, add some chili flakes or chili pepper water.


Assemble the bowl by laying everything side by side for a nice aesthetic. Top with sesame seeds and enjoy with a pair of chopsticks to ensure a leisurely, slow meal. Savor each bite and honor the nourishment you are giving your amazing body. Eat with love.

Non Vegan Option:

If you do want a bit of meat protein, add half a can of line caught, plain albacore tuna on top (quicker meal) or slice some seared well sourced fish on top.


Love Yourself. Now.


I had a great conversation with some friends the other day about letting go of past guilt, self identifications that may not be true any longer, and other people's judgements that you may hold like a ton of bricks. The topic of conversation was: I know I'm on the right path now, but man, I've done a lot of stuff in my past that wasn't very "yogic" or even conscious. How do I let go of that guilt? 
We may also hold on to identifications and judgments from our past as though as they are true. Maybe you were called names in high school. Maybe you felt like you were bad at something, or didn't measure up in some way. Or made choices that you wouldn't necessarily make as the person you are now...

The Wisdom is in the Awareness

If we keep making those choices and keep identifying with that past, then we may not be able to step out of that karmic cycle, and we are destined to repeat the lessons that come along with it. But having the AWARENESS that everything you have ever done and every choice you've ever made has brought you to this very moment in your life, can bring you the wisdom to define and create your future. You can learn from the past and change the future by what you do in the present. 

Honor the You then AND the You now. 

When you can appreciate that your past is important only in the sense that it has molded the you today, then you can let go of the weight that it may hold in your life and fully live in the Now, being present in every moment. This opens us up to the abundance of the Universe, instead of holding us to the restrains of the past. Honor your past for creating the present you, and let it go. Be in the Now. 


"As the mind, so the Man (or woman).
Bondage or liberation are in your own mind."

If you feel free, you are free, if you feel bound, you are bound. 
(Yoga Sutras of Patanjali)

Love who you are right now, for everything you've ever done has brought you to this very moment.

With so much love,



I've always been a sensitive person. As a child, I was called a crybaby, too sensitive, too fragile for this world, by teachers and some of my friend's parents. Other kids' energy would make me cry, without them even saying a word. Seeing a bird get picked on by another, bigger bird would ruin my whole day. Even Kaleo, back before we were married would say to me, "Babe you have to try and be stronger. Don't let the world get to you so deeply.". I always knew I was a little different, that I felt just a little
too much

What I didn't know, was that this is completely normal. I am an Empath. 

Huh, okay. So there is a word for it. There are others like me, and I don't have to feel like such a weirdo... But what does it even mean? A few traits that Empaths share are:

  • Being overwhelmed in public places: I used to struggle deeply just being in crowds. I would hold on to Kaleo's hand, put my head down with my heart pounding, and pretend that I was having fun. It wasn't until years later that I was able to explain to him how much I was affected by all the energy around me. I was literally, taking it all in as my own. 
  • Knowing: Empaths just know things. I don't know how else to explain it, but the more attuned the person, the more they just know. 
  • They take on other people feelings and energy as their own: It's different than being sympathetic, where you feel sorry for someone. Empaths will actually feel the emotion like it was their very own. This is a big one. It can be very heavy at times. I have even felt nauseous and physically sick when I wasn't aware of how to protect myself from someone who was experiencing a lot of grief.
  • Fatigue: It is extremely draining feeling all of the feelings for everyone, all the time. 
  • Digestive issues and weight gain around the abdomen: The solar plexus chakra is based in the centre of the abdomen and it’s often known as the seat of emotions. This is where Empaths feel the incoming emotion of another, which can weaken the digestive system and actually cause weight gain. It has been said that the empath, on a deeper level, may gain a bit of weight there as a layer of protection from negative energies. Great, thanks. 
  • Needs solitude: an Empath craves alone time, away from other's energy. Time for them to recharge and not feel anything else from the outside world. 

Of course, there are some good qualities too! Empaths are very good listeners, free spirits who love adventure and travel, love animals and nature, and are usually very creative beings. 

When I found out that I wasn't alone, I was relieved. I wasn't just this strange creature who couldn't explain anything any more. I felt like, okay, there are things I can do to be able to live like this. It's really no big deal. I found out that I had friends who were also Empaths. No WONDER all we do when we get together is cry! lol
Once I did my research and realized what it was, it took all the power away from it. I found out how to protect myself from energy, and how to decipher and process feelings that weren't my own. That was a big one. Oh, you mean I don't have to be sad right now because it's not my own emotion?? Awesome! 
When I became a Reiki Master, I came to understand energy even more. I learned how to visualize a shield of protective energy around me so that I wouldn't be susceptible to taking anything on. I now use this shield when I go into crowds, and it has changed my world. Kaleo even sometimes has to remind me before we head into a crowded concert or event to do my protection barrier because I don't get the old anxiety I used to get, and I forget. It has lost its power. Not to say that I'm not as sensitive, but I just don't worry about it anymore. 

Besides sheilding, as an Empath it's important to trust yourself. Trust that your emotions are valid and important. But also know which emotions are YOURS and which are from others. Once you can make that determination, it's easier to let go of what isn't yours. 

Kaleo and I are finishing up the last season of Vikings, and when I first saw Lagertha, the shield maiden yell "Sheild Wall!" in battle, we laughed our asses off. "Babe, that's it! That's what I'm going to visualize the next time you take me to the Carlsbad Fair!"

I've become One with who I am, and with that,
I feel empowered instead of burdened. 


R&M Playlists on spotify

So, our dear friend Mark Ley of Kley Creative (@markkley) just introduced us to the wonderful world of scannable codes. #gamechanger
Basically, you just go to the little camera next to the search bar in your Spotify app and point it to a code like the one above. And bam! Spotify opens and you are listening to the playlist.
We have added a new page on the site called Playlists, and will be adding some of our Yoga playlists as well as other fun collections of music to kick off the summer right. If you want a more technical explanation of how this stuff works, click here for an article