Melanie Wassman, CNC
Holistic Nutrition


     My holistic health journey began in 2001 when I suffered from debilitating headaches and after many months of tests, MRI's, pharmaceuticals, and multiple doctors’ opinions, I was finally diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia.  I was at my wit's end with the appointments, the unknown, the pain, the frustration, and the medications that were prescribed. I began to keep a journal of everything I consumed throughout the day to see if I could find a pattern with the episodes. This included food, drinks, time of day, weather, and what was going on in my life at that time. None of the doctors I was seeing would take the time to look at my journal, and instead would prescribe me yet another drug. 

     After experiencing just about every awful side effect from the newest prescription, and feeling helpless, I decided I'd had enough. I focused on the patterns I was seeing and changed my diet and lifestyle accordingly, and my health began to improve immediately. My headaches went away, my energy came back, the side effects were gone... and I felt empowered

     Inspired and wanting to share this with others, I attended the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy in Encinitas, CA, to become a Holistic Nutritionist (CNC: Certified Nutrition Consultant) and Herbalist. I enjoyed the study of holistic health so immensely, that I have continued on toward my Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) Degree. 

     Holistic Nutrition is a very individual approach to health. Each person and how they heal is unique. Together we will focus on you as a whole: your lifestyle, symptoms, diet, and health goals. I will help you with the tools so that you may feel empowered to heal and feel your best!


wellness Programs

60-90 MIN “Health jump start” CONSULTATION + Follow up– $225

In this session we will discuss in depth any issues relating to your health. 

We begin with a full evaluation of all of your health goals, your health concerns, symptoms, and health history. We discuss any obstacles you feel you may have and we will work within your day-to-day lifestyle. 

We end the session by discussing my recommendations and I'll send to you via email within one week, a personalized holistic health plan, including diet, a 7 day meal plan, supplements and life recommendations tailored to your profile and goals. You are welcome to send me an email with all of your questions and concerns between the initial and follow up sessions. 

Included is a 30 minute follow up phone call to review your personal plan leaving you with the tools necessary to become empowered to make realistic changes and improvements in your health. 

This is perfect for those who:

  • have general wellness or nutrition concerns

  • feel like something needs to change but not sure what or how

  • have new food allergies or diet concerns and need some guidance

  • just want to get started feeling better

  • have specific health goals and want to have a plan


This package includes the 90-minute “Healthy Jump Start” and 3 additional 30-minute follow up phone calls.

 You also have full access to me via email if you have questions between appointments.

During follow-up phone calls, I will help build your knowledge of holistic health and nutrition by gradually helping you to improve your health and lifestyle goals. We will discuss any challenges you may have experienced on your journey, answer questions that come up, celebrate your successes and come up with additional plans of action to continue your path to health. 

This package is perfect for:

  • chronic digestive issues

  • adrenal fatigue or exhaustion

  • weight loss or weight gain

  • anyone who would like help and accountability to make lasting lifestyle changes

Most appointments are scheduled 4 - 8 weeks apart so you have time to work on each step.

additional support

 Follow up phone calls:
30 min - $50

1 hour grocery store tour held at Frazier Farms in Oceanside Ca:
Learn how to navigate the aisles, read nutrition labels, and make healthy choices
Private or with a friend - $50 each
Group of 3 or more - $40 each

Additional 7 Day Meal Plans + Grocery List:
Customized to your personal plan - $50


Email to schedule: